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Solus Dealers: Introducing BonaVista LeisureScapes

Solus Dealers: Introducing BonaVista LeisureScapes

On a recent January day, I had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer Gannon at the Outdoor Living Boutique of BonaVista LeisureScapes in Toronto, Canada.

Although BonaVista has been a Solus Firepit dealer for less than a year, they have carved out a reputation as the “go-to” place for Solus firepit aficionados in the Toronto area.



“The Solus Firepit line works very well with what BonaVista LeisureScapes provides for our customers,” says Gannon. Her trend-right outdoor living boutique provides exclusive access to the finest in hot tubs, patio furniture, BBQs, outdoor décor, and water care.


As a second-generation family business, BonaVista has a 40-year history of exacting standards, innovative designs, and unwavering client focus. Every product in store must comply to this successful, time-honoured formula, and ultimately to their discerning customer standard.

Thank you, BonaVista LeisureScapes

Solus is proud to be in BonaVista’s offering of distinguished products. Visit them at 812 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto and check out the Solus firepit in store. 416.465.6980.

Article Credit: Martes Farrugia

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