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Solus refractory firestones

Fire Stones


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Solus Firepits & Water Features are CE & UKCA Certified

Fire Stones

Refractory concrete river stones add visual interest and functionality. Available for purchase with one of our fire pits and to owners of existing Solus fire features.


Refractory concrete river stones add visual interest and functionality.

River stones are visually compelling. Added, in place of lava rock, as a full surface topping they change the character of each fire pit. The repeating forms and varied tones of the stones provide an interesting, textured surface that stands in contrast to the smooth, seamless concrete of our vessels. Castings of actual river rocks, our lightweight refractory concrete fire stones look and feel like the real thing while being stable when exposed to high heats. Each set consists of four colours in a variety of shapes and sizes and will not split, spall or fracture. Our fire stones are made exclusively for Solus, by hand in Canada.

Please note that our fire stones are available for purchase with a Solus Fire pit or to clients who already own one. We cannot currently accomodate the volume of individual sales and apologise for any inconvenience.

Standard and Full Sets

  • All of our natural gas and popane fire features come standard with lava rock to cover the entire surface and a set of 40 stones which will cover the area around the burner jets and can be used to shape the flames.
  • Ethanol models include lava rock to fill he fuel receptacle and a set of 14 fire stones for flame shaping and aesthetics.
  • Sets of 80 stones are available for purchase to create full or partial coverings for all of our fire pits. Contact us determine how many bags you require.
  • Please note: Burner flames are very hot. Only stones that have been tested and approved for use in high heat environments should be used in Solus fire pits. Untested stones may explode or fracture causing injury or damage.


  • Lava rock to cover the entire burner surface and a set of 40 fire stones comes standard with every natural gas and propane firepit.
  • Ethanol models come with lava rock to fill the fuel receptacle and a set of 14 fire stones.
  • Placing refractory stones over the lava rock around burner jets keeps wet lava rock from jumping or popping as it heats.
  • In ethanol models the lava rock and fire stones can be used to lower the fame and reduce fuel consumption.
  • As these pieces are hand cast each one has a small flat spot on its back surface which should be turned down during the placement process.
  • A thin bed of lava rock is required between the burner plate and the river stones for heat dispersal. Lava rock comes standard with each firepit.

Product Details


  • Lightweight refractory concrete will not spall or crack when exposed to heat.
  • Mixture of 4 colours.
  • Cast from actual river stones exclusively for Solus.

Full beds of Fire Stones

Please contact us to determine how many bags of fire stones you require.


Fire in my backyard!!!

I love my Solus fire bowl. It is very contemporary looking and a very high quality make. It’s easy to use and as far as I’m concerned required no maintenance. The cover for the bowl has lasted many winters and will certainly enture many more. It has a beautiful flame output, however I wish it had a little more.

I would definitely recommend solus as an addition to anybodies backyard.

Our Solus Hemi Fire Bowl is installed at our beach home in Santa Rosa Beach. It sits next to the pool and is both the physical and spiritual focal point of the outdoor patio. We have friends and family who come over to “gather by the pit.” It is easy to start and we hate to ever turn it off because it is both the light and warm we gather around. The cover is easy to slip on and off and the wood top makes for a good table when the pit is not lit. Solus Decor as a company is very responsive and easy to work with as well. Highly recommended.

I purchased a natural gas hemi 36 back in 2014, and my family has been using it regularly for the past four years. There’s a lot to like about this product and this company. To begin with, our sales and delivery experience was first-rate. I was a little hesitant about having a heavy concrete product shipped from Vancouver to Edmonton, but I needn’t have worried. Our fire bowl arrived very well packed and crated. Moving the fire bowl into our back yard was easy using the supplied lifting straps, but does require two people. Once installed over the gas line we had run for this purpose, the fire bowl looked stunning–sleek and modern and an instant focal point. We also purchased the hardwood tabletop and all-weather cover, and after living with them for four years, I can recommend both. The tabletop has proven very useful for those times when we’re sitting outside with food and beverages, but have no intention of lighting the fire bowl. The all-weather cover, at least the one we have, has worn like iron. After four Edmonton winters, it’s still in remarkably good shape. The fire bowl itself has exceeded our expectations; it’s easy to light, looks wonderful in operation, and makes sitting in our back yard on a summer’s evening that much more special. We have never regretted our purchase, and we have never hesitated to recommend Solus Decor to the many people who have complemented our fire bowl.

Outstanding Service

Dave Brown

Provided a great looking product when I needed it, without any fuss, even though I was often not ready for it. Good back up and communication, all the way through the process. Very easy to work with.

Janet Bailey

Modern, minimalist firebowls made exceptionally well. I would not hesitate to buy a fire bowl from Solus again. The people there were very helpful and so easy to work with. the bowls themselves are simply beautiful.

Mike C

Outstanding product / service Great customer service and the quality of the product was exceptional. A little more pricey than others, but well worth extra dollars

Mand and Dave

I bought a bio ethanol elevated Halo 36 firepit in LInen from solus Decor as part of my garden re design. We love it – It’s easy to light, clean, gives a good flame and a substaintial amount of warmth. It was easy to oerder and the delivery guy was very helpful. Overall the product is a great quality, good looking and does the job!

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