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Introducing the newest fire pits from Solus Decor

Introducing the latest and greatest from Solus

There’s a growing trend toward outdoor rooms designed to feel like home spas or staycation delights. As leaders in fire features, we have a keen eye for how to use fire to accommodate every space.

For cozy spaces, we are excited to introduce the Fire Cube. A petite and polite box, it measures just 16” x 16” x 17”(H) and is ideal for small spaces. Gang them up and create a spectacular multi-visual fire point.

Available in natural gas, propane or ethanol (manual lit only).

Firecube Cinder Flame lava firestone
Fire cube Cinder Flame lava firestone

This beautiful and elegant conical fire pit flares from the bottom to the top and measures 24”h x 16” (at the base) x 20” (diameter at the top). It’s an accent fire piece that holds its own alone or in a series and is available in 12 colors to wow.

Available in natural gas or propane (manual or electronic ignition ).

Spire Cinder Flame firebowl
Spire Cinder Flame firebowl


When it came time to name our newest innovations in fire – the Fire Cube and the Spire, we turned to our most loyal fan base: our Facebook friends. More than 250 names were submitted. The two winners received a Solus fire pit for their creativity. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas! We had a lot of fun reviewing and naming these products.

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