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Luna Fire Bowl

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Solus products are UKCA and CE certified
Solus Firepits & Water Features are CE & UKCA Certified

Luna Fire Bowl

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Although quite similar in appearance to the Solus Hemi series, the Luna stands out by its rather more shapely, generous base. It is the perfect modern outdoor fire pit for those that wish to add a bit of flare to their space.

The undulations of its form are slightly more substantive than the Hemi series, yet still sleek and refined.  At 1050 mm, it is ideal for a  party of 6 or 8 to gather round.  Its elegant form can accommodate the optional all metal table and drinks ring.  The Luna’s heat output is significant at 31 kW or 108,000 btus. Additionally, its heat output and flame are easily adjustable and it is available in either manual or electronic ignition.  As with all Solus products, the Luna is suited to residential and commercial locations, making a brilliant fiery centrepiece in either.

Available in twelve colours and manual or automatic ignition with natural (mains) gas or LP gas fuel options. Accessories are also available: metal table and drinks ring (as featured in the images).

Crafted by hand and certified CE/UKCA in Canada.

Specifications Documents

Luna, Match Lit, Specification Documents Σεπτέμβριος 6, 2023
Automatic, Luna, Specification Documents Σεπτέμβριος 6, 2023

    Outstanding Service

    Dave Brown

    Provided a great looking product when I needed it, without any fuss, even though I was often not ready for it. Good back up and communication, all the way through the process. Very easy to work with.

    David Magee

    Our Solus Hemi Fire Bowl is installed at our beach home in Santa Rosa Beach. It sits next to the pool and is both the physical and spiritual focal point of the outdoor patio. We have friends and family who come over to “gather by the pit.” It is easy to start and we hate to ever turn it off because it is both the light and warm we gather around. The cover is easy to slip on and off and the wood top makes for a good table when the pit is not lit. Solus Decor as a company is very responsive and easy to work with as well. Highly recommended.

    Kerri Buksa, Designer

    I have purchased a number of the firebowls from Solus over the years for clients as well as one for my personal use. My clients and I have been extremely happy with the purchase. Customer service has been great, always ready to help.

    Kaye Banda

        The best with the most to offer! Our fire pit is the coolest design in Austin, Texas. It is the show stopper on our new deck. It is the place on our deck our friends want to hang out for the evening.

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