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A Tribute to Mr. Solus – Mr Ilie Avram

Written by Mr. Brad Carpenter, on this sad day as Mr. Ilie Avram is laid to rest.  MartesSolus.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that Mr. Ilie Avram – one of the very first employees of Solus Decor, died last week after a battle with cancer.

The life of a small company in the very early years are the most tenuous.  The very thin line between success or failure – and it is the calibre of the people in the company who make all the difference. Solus was a very small business when I joined.  There was Ilie, Tanya, Khai and me.  We had no product lines, nothing that really identified us as anything other than a concrete company who did something unique and beautiful and we weren’t quite sure where it would lead.

Every day for over 12 years when I arrived at work I would say “ Good morning  Mr.  Ilie” and his reply was always the same,  a cheerful “Good morning Mr. Brad.”  There were days that our chat carried on about the previous day’s work or his family.  Sometimes about his soccer results from the weekend – he was not only a passionate soccer fan but still played every weekend.

I am not quite sure how we developed calling each other Mr. but it stayed with us for our entire working history.  I could always depend on Ilie to tell me the truth- if he wasn’t happy with the previous day’s pour – he would tell me.  If he wasn’t happy with a new employee in the shop – he would tell me.

Ilie was a true Canadian immigrant success story.  He arrived in this country from Romania with no English language skills, with job skills that didn’t easily translate and a young family to support.  He had a desire to do better and a desire to contribute.  He did that not only for his newly adopted country but for Solus.   He learned the language and a totally new set of skills.  He joined Solus knowing nothing about concrete or what it took to make a world class product and company.  He grew up with Solus and became a master craftsman – he became the “Mr Solus”  that we are going to deeply miss going forward.

Ilie’s craftsmanship and work can be seen in hundreds if not thousands of installations around the North America.  He embodied the can do attitude of Solus and leaves a legacy that his family can be proud of.”

Brad Carpenter  CEO

Solus Decor Inc.

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